‘Anyone know how to get a turkey out of the house?’

“It’s like your life is going in slow motion, and I’m like, ‘There’s a turkey on my windowsill. There’s a turkey on my windowsill,” Spencer, 63, said. “Who finds a turkey in their house?

On Thursday, Spencer posted a video of the startling dating on facebook. In the roughly 30-second clip, the bird can be seen facing the large window above his white sofa as he searches for a way obtain back outside.

“Okay, I had a turkey in my house,” Spencer can be heard saying. “I have no idea how he got in here, or how to get him out.”

As her video caused laughter online, Spencer said Friday her first instinct was to call the police to see if anyone could come and fight over the poultry. (She kept telling them it wasn’t a prank). But the dispatcher said they had no one from Animal Control to send.

Then she called her daughter, who gave her the number to a company that said it would cost about $450 to remove. unwanted visitor.

It seemed like a lot, so Spencer took matters into her own hands.

“I opened another door from the family room to the patio,” she said. “And after a lot of encouragement, he finally came out on his own.”

She quickly slammed the door behind.

Spencer said she hadn’t been down in her family room since Tuesday – the last time her assistants were there – so she wasn’t sure how long the bird might have wandered before they got away. cross.

“I didn’t really hear it at first,” she said. “I was doing things in the laundry room and other places. And when I walked out into the family room to go up the stairs to my upper level, that’s when I saw him.

There are plenty of turkeys in his neighborhood, so it wasn’t too surprising to see one in his corner of the country. But she certainly didn’t expect to see one inside.

“They especially like my property,” said Spencer, a designer of personalized invitations. “They usually walk around in gangs on my lawn. Fortunately, he was the only one who felt at home.

Although she managed to get the turkey out of her house safely, it was not without some complications.

Spencer said the angry bird flew around a bit and at one point crashed into the large bay window, leaving a “big” crack.

“He didn’t break it, thank God,” she said. “But the bird was so big it didn’t even faze him. He wasn’t walking around tripping or anything.

The turkey also left “gifts” for her, she said, which were strewn throughout the downstairs space.

“Poo everywhere,” Spencer wrote in a comment under her Facebook video, when someone asked if there was a lot of damage. “Every time he flew he pooped lol.”

In terms of local clashes with turkeys, Spencer was largely lucky. Clashes with the noisy birds that have apparently taken over many suburban neighborhoods have not been lacking.

In 2020, a wild turkey smashed the window of a bedroom on the second floor of a home in Saugus, leaving her so badly injured she had to be euthanized.

Five years earlier, a turkey slammed into the windshield of a truck on Highway 6 in Brewster. The driver suffered minor cuts to the glass, police said.

Then there were the street clashes, including the aggressive turkey that roamed the streets of Hyde Park two years ago, pecking at cars and passers-by, and the infamous bird chevron in 2019 that surrounded a woman Cambridge enclosure on a walk.

Most people who live in and around Boston have a wild turkey story to tell. One person is even embarking on a documentary about these stories.

For Spencer, she’s just glad her meeting ended without too much trouble.

“It was just crazy,” she said with a laugh.

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