Artsakh FM: Turkey’s policies are a major threat to regional and global peace and stability – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

This emerges from an exclusive interview conducted by our agency with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Artsakh, David Babayab, during his speech on the need to remove the name of the PKK from the “terrorist list”. Babayab pointed out that Turkey pursues a policy of genocide against the Kurds and regards them as terrorist organizations, and criticized international inaction to end Turkish support for terrorism.

Here is the text of the interview:

1. Since the beginning of the 20th century, Kurds, Armenians and Arabs have been killed by successive Turkish regimes in regional and international silence. Instead of punishing Turkey, the international community punishes the peoples who yearn for freedom by putting the PKK on its “terrorist list”. In your opinion, how has this policy affected the rights of the Kurdish people?

The Turkish state has been working to persuade the police of genocide against different ethnic and religious groups since the late 19th century. As a result of this genocidal policy, the first genocide in the history of mankind – the Armenian Genocide was perpetrated in 1915. The Turkish state also committed the genocide of Greeks, Yazidis and Assyrians as a result from which millions were brutally killed, millions were forcibly displaced and deported. Armenians, Greeks, Assyrians, Yazidis were deprived of their historic homeland, their goods, material and immaterial wealth were looted and destroyed.

The Kurdish people have also been the target of Turkey’s genocidal policy for decades. The Kurds also suffered great losses, persecutions, inhuman treatment. The Kurds are the largest nation in the world that does not have an independent state.

The Turkish state has not changed its genocidal policy and goals, it constantly strives to prevent the international recognition of the aforementioned genocides, which amounts to committing genocide in the political, legal and moral spheres. Following this logic, Turkey qualifies as terrorists various organizations and individuals who fight for the rights and freedoms of their people.

2. Turkey uses chemical weapons against the Kurds on the one hand, attacks the Kurds, Arabs and Armenians, occupies their lands and deserts them, and causes demographic changes in their regions on the one hand, and throws the politicians Turkish Kurds in prisons. Isn’t that terrorism?

Of course, it is terrorism, but in its most dangerous manifestation – it is state terrorism.

3. Kurds fight for their legitimate rights and Turkey supports Al-Nusra Front, ISIS and other terrorist organizations. Who to put on the terror list, Turkey or the PKK?

As mentioned, in the case of Turkey, we have a state-sponsored policy of terrorism, and within this framework, Ankara has established very close ties with various terrorist and extremist organizations. The people of Artsakh faced this in 2020 during the war started by Azerbaijan with the direct participation of Turkey and thousands of terrorist militants brought to the region by Turkey. Among them were representatives of the Islamic State and other terrorist groups. This type of symbiosis poses a great threat to regional and global peace and stability. The international community must react correctly to this. Unfortunately, we don’t see that kind of response. Unwillingness or inability to respond is pregnant with unpredictable consequences. The world has a fairly limited time to develop and implement an appropriate strategy. If this does not happen, it will be too late and will generate terrible results.

4. Kurds fight for their legitimate rights and Turkey supports Al-Nusra Front, ISIS and other terrorist organizations. Who to put on the terror list, Turkey or the PKK?

As far as I know, the PKK has only been recognized as a terrorist organization by several states and organizations. Some countries have even rejected the recognition of the PKK as a terrorist organization. The problem here is not the PKK itself but Ankara’s policy against the Kurdish people. This policy is genocidal and the recognition of various Kurdish organizations as terrorist organizations is nothing but the continuation of the state policy of persecution and genocide against the Kurdish people.

5. There are intellectuals and analysts in the Middle East and around the world who claim that the achievement of peace in the Middle East can be achieved by removing the name of the PKK from the “terrorist list”. How do you read these reviews?

As I mentioned, the problem is not a particular organization, the central issue is the policy towards a particular nation. The restoration of justice and the guarantee of a stable peace in the region and in Turkey could only be achieved after substantial changes in the philosophy of Turkish state-building, the recognition of the equality of different national and religious groups in Turkey, renunciation of genocidal policy and discrimination. The problem is not the Turkish people themselves. There are no good or bad people, but there are dangerous and bad states. The Turkish state is exactly this kind of state.

A, G.Sh


Sharon P. Juarez