Attacks on Syrian refugee homes and shops continue in Turkish capital on day two

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Attacks on homes, shops and vehicles of Syrian refugees continued in Altındağ, Ankara, for the second day in a row.

Tensions escalated in the district after 18-year-old Emirhan Yalçın was killed after being stabbed in a brawl between groups of residents and refugees on August 10. Two suspects were remanded in custody for “first degree murder”.

After the incident was heard, hundreds of people took to the streets and raided the homes and shops of the refugees. The crowd was dispersed by the police.

Photos circulating on social media show damaged stores in the Battalgazi district.

All shops in the Battalgazi district, which hosts a large number of Syrian refugees, remained closed yesterday as a precaution.

However, attacks on refugees resumed even more violently last night. Videos shared on social media show people throwing stones at Syrian homes and looting their stores.

The police made loudspeaker announcements, saying, “Let’s not allow the environment of provocation in our country. Don’t trust the provocative words of people you don’t know.

Journalist Nevşin Mengü said on Twitter that people chanted “the police outside” on some streets in Altındağ.

In addition, some of the foreign nationals were evacuated from the district earlier in the day, according to Mengü.

The police used water cannon trucks to disperse the crowds.

The main opposition party, the Republican People’s Party (CHP), Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, has also warned the population against acts of provocation. “I can see where this is leading. I will not allow the palace government to set the country on fire. We are going to solve this refugee problem; and of course we will do it with common sense. “

The Ankara Attorney General’s Office has announced that it has opened an investigation into social media posts and news articles that are causing fear and panic among the population.

At 12:40 am, the governor’s office of Ankara announced on Twitter that the events had ended “thanks to the composure of our fellow citizens and the intense efforts of our security forces”.

Hosting some 3.6 million Syrian refugees and hundreds of thousands of refugees from other countries like Afghanistan, Turkey is the largest refugee host country in the world.

Lately anti-refugee sentiments have increased in the country amid a new wave of refugees from Afghanistan. Some politicians have tried to take advantage of this, such as the mayor of Bolu, who has promised to increase city water prices for refugees tenfold.

The government has also been criticized for a refugee deal with the European Union (EU), which has been in place since 2016. Turkey has agreed to keep the Syrian refugees in return for financial support from the bloc under the deal. .

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Sharon P. Juarez