College Station Fried Chicken Chain Layne’s to open in Northwest Houston

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College Station favorite Layne’s Chicken Fingers to open store in Garden Oaks

Cult College Station Layne’s Chicken Fingers, known for their crispy chicken strips served with an assortment of dips and as a sandwich, will continue to expand in Houston with a location just outside the Loop on Ella Boulevard.

Permits filed with the State of Texas show the location of a Layne at 3008 Ella Boulevard, just north of the 610 Loop and, interestingly, directly across from the location of a Raising Cane. A website for the mall’s real estate broker also teases the restaurant’s arrival.

Layne’s, which was founded in 1994 and has been a favorite with Texas A&M students ever since, opened its first Houston-area outpost in Katy in June. Now, the people of central Houston will have an even closer location. No word yet on an opening date for the restaurant.

Mexican-inspired brewery and craft beer bar in Lincoln Heights

A brewery and craft beer bar will soon open on Airline Drive, according to the Houston Business Journal. Big Owl Craft Beer House, at 1848 Airline Drive, is a collaboration between Al Gonzales, who will run the bar, and brewers Louie Espinoza and Oscar Gonzalez, (not related to Al), the minds behind Turkey Forrest Brewing.

The brewery, which opens on Saturday, September 4, will feature 24-tap craft beer, at least a few of which will be reserved for Turkey Forrest, including heavy stouts, hop-forward IPAs and Mexican-inspired beers. will be brewed in a back room. Oscar Gonzalez told HBJ that the bar hopes to target the neighborhood’s Hispanic community and introduce other craft beer enthusiasts to different styles of brewing. Al Gonzales said the brewery will be the first in Houston to be owned entirely by Mexican Americans.

TikTok star Larray’s new ghost kitchen now launches wacky mac and cheese in Houston

Larray, the social media star with more than 25 million subscribers on TikTok, is launching a delivery-only restaurant in Houston this week, according to Business Insider. Larray’s Loaded Mac will serve seven varieties of pasta dishes, including a pizza-inspired sersion called “That Girl,” and a mac loaded with pulled pork, fries and onions. Diners can order from delivery apps like Grubhub, DoorDash, and Postmates, or directly from the Loaded Mac website.

Larray, whose full name is Larri Merritt, told Insider that his grandmother, a home cook, inspired him to get into virtual catering. He also said he plans to post a reaction video on Youtube of his grandmother trying out Loaded Mac’s version of his signature dish.

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