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Turkey: Design protection in Turkey

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Country specific issues – Legal system (civil law/common law)

Legal references
Industrial Property Code No. 6769 of December 22, 2016 (Industrial Property Code)

Regulations for the application of the Industrial Property Code No. 6769 (Regulations for the application of the Industrial Property Code)

Turkey has a civil law system. Previously, there were individual legislations (decrees-laws) for each intellectual property right and the rights to registered designs were protected under the provisions of Legislative Decree No. 554 of June 24, 1995, on the protection of designs. (decree-law on industrial designs and models). However, the new Industrial Property Code no. 6769 of December 22, 2016 (IP Code) entered into force on January 10, 2017 and replaced and repealed the decree-laws relating to intellectual property rights, including the decree-law on industrial designs and models, bringing together all these rights under one Code. The Design Chapter (Book III) of the Intellectual Property Code includes changes to achieve greater compliance with relevant European Union directives.

Case law
No applicable case law

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