Flying painters dazzle Turkey’s capital Ankara

French performance troupe Les Passagers presented a visual feast for the people of Ankara with their 35-meter (115-foot) performance encompassing painting, dance and music.

The Passengers, who came to Ankara, the capital of Turkey, as part of the Culture Road Festival, performed at a height of 35 meters in the building located on Ulus Square.

The “flying painters” depicted the symbolic places of the capital in the festival logo, then danced suspended by ropes hanging from the building under the excited and curious gazes of people.

The troupe performed new vertical dance forms through their movements restricted by harnesses and ropes. Performing all over the world and transforming high-rise buildings into giant canvases, Les Passagers offer theatrical, choreographic and pictorial performances.

People in Ankara watched the show curiously and took videos and photos.

Group member Magali Brito, who gave a statement to the press after the show, expressed her pleasure to be in Ankara for the festival.

Stating that they do “aerial dancing”, also known as aerobatics, Brito noted that they usually perform in high places.

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Sharon P. Juarez