Hair loss is common among many men and women, with hormonal imbalances and genetics being among the main causes. The good news is that a hair transplant offers a solution to restore your lost hair. Even though many hospitals in different parts of the world offer hair transplants, Turkish hospitals have taken the lead. Below are the reasons why hair transplantation in Turkey has become and is still popular.


Turkey has many clinics and hospitals where you can get hair transplants. However, due to strong competition, prices are as low as $3,000. Additionally, the cost of living in Turkey is low, so many doctors pass the low costs on to patients.

Many hospitals in other countries and cities charge per transplant, resulting in a higher total cost. On the other hand, clinics in Turkey offer an all-inclusive package, which means you have no hidden costs. A standard package includes:

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  • Consultation with a specialist and translation if needed
  • Blood tests, medicines and consumables
  • Lodging
  • Barber service and post-operative care
  • Transfers airport to clinic and return to the airport

Qualified staff

Turkey is home to many prestigious international universities specializing in medicine. This is why students from all over the world pursue their studies in Turkish universities. The foundation that kick-starts vocational training is top-notch. Thus, many physicians entering the market have high quality skills.

The Turkish medical industry is based on strict rules that show the highest level of patient concern. Strict medical regulations require every surgeon to obtain all necessary qualifications. For example, strictly supervised medical examinations are mandatory before a surgeon performs surgery. As a result, the chances for underqualified staff are slim.

Many clinics and hospitals of international standards

Turkey has leading hospitals and clinics equipped with state-of-the-art tools. Also, most Turkish hair transplant clinics and hospitals are accredited by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS). As a result, patients from all over the world seek catering services in Turkey.

Also, due to the tough competition, many clinics are striving to offer better procedures to reach the world-class level. If you are an international candidate, your processing plan may include vacation. Turkey being a rich tourist center, you get a recreational post-processing destination.

Long term research

Turkey is known for its extensive research on hair transplants. The study has evolved, and many surgeons have grown with the investigation. For example, follicular unit extraction was first discovered and practiced in Turkey.

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FUE replaced the old method to become the main hair plant procedure. As a result, you will most certainly get doctors with a thorough understanding of the procedure. Additionally, medical procedures are still ongoing to address the challenges and develop better tools.

User-friendly formula

Two standard methods of hair transplantation are follicular unit extraction and direct hair transplantation. Many clinics in Turkey offer follicular unit extraction, which is more user-friendly. FUE is safe, minimally invasive and does not use sutures, scalpels and staples. As a result, you get a painless and shorter recovery time and few scars.

In addition, the offer of local anesthesiologists during the procedure only affects the donor and recipient areas. However, the ideal procedure for you depends on your medical condition. If you have underlying conditions, the surgeon may recommend a different method. The good part is that you will get the same great results.

High success rate

Of the 150 to 500 transplants that take place every week in Turkey, 98% are successful. As a result, many hospitals have won the trust of international medical tourists. Many patients who undergo successful procedures review and recommend the services to others. In addition, you would want a hospital where you are guaranteed favorable results.

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The high success rates of hair transplants in Turkish hospitals have commanded respect for bodies and individuals. Nevertheless, if you opt for a hair transplant, the result depends on the expertise of your surgeon. So, you need to do your due diligence to get into the right hands and fall into the 98% success stories.


The popularity of hair transplants in Turkey has no end in sight. As technology advances, the tools used for hair transplants also improve. Also, Turkey is exploring continuous medical research to unveil better drugs. You therefore expect the quality of medical services and supplies to improve steadily in the future.

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Sharon P. Juarez