LUN home search service announces start of campaign to attract international investment to Ukraine

The LUN New Buildings Finder has announced the launch of a campaign to attract international investment in residential real estate in Ukraine, company co-founder Andriy Mima told Interfax-Ukraine.

“We plan to promote Ukraine as a promising area for investment in residential real estate, using our resources. On the websites and, operating in dozens of countries around the world [Turkey, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Georgia, Kazakhstan, the United Arab Emirates, etc.] there will be links to Ukrainian projects on the new buildings website, ”he said.

According to him, the start of this information campaign, which is carried out by the LUN pro bono, was the placement of a huge banner at Boryspil airport at the exit of terminal D which reads “Building sector valued at $ 4 billion. Invest. in Ukraine now “.

According to LUN analysts, the market volume of new buildings in Ukraine is about $ 4 billion per year, of which about $ 2 billion – Kiev with the suburbs, another $ 1 billion – Odessa and Lviv, the remains in other regions.

“Today almost all of the amount is domestic investment, but we want to increase the inflow of foreign investment,” Mima said.

Now provides information about new Ukrainian buildings in two languages: Ukrainian and Russian. According to Mima, English versions will be created in the near future.

The expert added that the attendance of and is about 5 million per month, Ukrainian resources – about 7 million.

“This project is a long-term story, there will be no quick results. This is our initiative for the next five to ten years. This is how we are able to help the country the most – by popularizing national residential projects to potential investors abroad, ”said Mima.

First of all, information about new buildings in Kiev, as well as in Odessa and Lviv will be translated into English. “These are very promising cities for investment in housing for rental purposes. If Georgia is successful with Batumi, then we will be successful with Kiev, Odessa and Lviv,” Mima said.

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