Mega-terrorist Turkey accuses Finland and Sweden of supporting terrorists

Welcome to the weird world.

This is where Turkey, a notorious state sponsor of international terrorism, has the nerve to accuse Finland and Sweden of supporting terrorists.

Even more bizarre: neither Finland, Sweden, the US, NATO, the EU, nor any country or leader has, to my knowledge, pointed out Ankara’s blatant hypocrisy.

Turkey claims Finland and Sweden host members of the PKK, the Kurdish militant organization that the US and EU consider terrorists. Both Scandinavian nations deny the charge.

Like many Europeans, however, Finns and Swedes sympathize with the Kurds. Turkey has long suppressed and ethnically cleansed the latter.

Either way, Ankara is preventing ultra-civilized Finland and Sweden from joining NATO.

Ironically, Turkey – autocratic, notoriously violating human rights and systematically corrupt – would not be qualified to join NATO today if it were not already a member.

The fact is, who is Turkey to accuse others of terrorism?

Mega-terrorist Turkey

No objective analyst disputes Turkey’s longstanding sponsorship of ISIS and other terrorist groups.

Turkey’s counterterrorism chief from 2010 to 2013, Ahmet S. Yayla, acknowledged in 2020 that “Turkey was a hub for… more than 50,000 foreign ISIS fighters, and the main source of logistical material for the IS. [including] IEDs, making Turkey and ISIS practically allies.

Dr. David L. Phillips, a terrorism expert and adviser to the Department of State, directs Columbia University’s Peacebuilding and Human Rights Program. He confirmed Turkey’s alliance with ISIS: ISIS-Turkey Links (2014) and Turkey-ISIS Oil Trade (2015-2016).

The NY Times (2014): “Western intelligence officials…track Islamic State oil shipments…to Turkey” [which has] did not “help stifle the oil trade”.

In Turkey: a state sponsor of terrorism? (2021), Phillips again documents Ankara’s patronage of terrorists. If a “non-NATO country behaved like Turkey, it would justify being designated as a state sponsor of terrorism”, like Iran and North Korea.

US Departments of State and Treasury (2021) claim that Turkey is a financial hub for ISIS/al-Qaeda. Yet Washington has only penalized a few Turkish individuals and companies, with minimal effect.

In 2020, Turkey transported thousands of terrorist mercenaries to Azerbaijan to attack Artsakh/Nagorno-Karabakh and Armenia populated by Armenians.

Among them were Sayf Balud, a war criminal and former commander of ISIS, and commanders of the Sultan Murad Brigade, including several murderers and rapists.

So why isn’t the US/NATO/EU exposing Turkey’s terrorist hypocrisy on Finland/Sweden?

Partly because America and Europe are schizophrenic about ISIS and similar groups.

America’s Fake Global War on Terror

While the West loudly condemns and sometimes fights such groups, it sometimes deems them militarily useful.

The State Department, for example, quietly wants Turkish-backed terrorists (e.g. Free Syrian Army (FSA)/Syrian National Army (SNA)) to help overthrow President Assad and drive Russia out of Syria.

There is no other explanation for our nation’s tolerance of Ankara’s terrorist sponsorships. Assad is also aligned with the Shiite powers that America hates: Iran and Hezbollah.

“The enemy (of Turkish-backed terrorists) of our (America’s) enemies (Assad/Russia/Iran/Hezbollah) is our friend.”

Thus, America repeatedly ignores Turkey’s support for terrorists and its invasions, occupations and ethnic cleansing of northern Syria.

However, the US does not like Turkey targeting the pro-US and anti-ISIS Kurdish YPG in Syria. Turkey insists that the YPG is a branch of the PKK. However, America usually lets Ankara do whatever it wants with the Kurds anyway.

Elsewhere, the US House of Representatives and the European Parliament have criticized Turkey’s use of terrorists against Armenians in 2020. Yet the West has taken no action against Turkey because Armenia, a Russian ally, lost the war. This advanced the strategy of America and NATO to penetrate the Caucasus.

In 2021, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee openly questioned Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland about the deployment of Turkish terrorists in Azerbaijan. She declined to respond in public, again revealing Washington’s tacit support for Turkish-backed terrorists.

Even when America and Europe genuinely disagree with Ankara’s demands/threats, they rarely push back with their own counter-demands/counter-threats.

Western submission

Turkey’s relentless and disorderly tantrums have always psychologically disarmed the West. The Turks know this and exploit it.

And, despite the bluster of pro-Turkish sycophants, Turkey is no more important, and certainly no more powerful, than the US/NATO/EU.

Instead of pushing Turkey away because of the history between Finland and Sweden, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg is shamelessly begging us to understand Ankara’s demands.

Meanwhile, Finnish and Swedish delegations rushed to Ankara to bow down to His Royal Highness King Erdogan.

American Enterprise Institute Senior Researcher Dr. Michael Rubin suggests instead that NATO threaten to ban Turkish Airlines, harm Turkey’s already struggling economy, and legitimately withhold certain classified documents/information from Turkey. ‘Ankara.

The West rarely thwarts Turkish misdeeds. Turkey was – temporarily, anyway – kicked out of the US F-35 jet program because it bought the Russian S-400 missiles.

Moreover, by applying economic sanctions to Turkey, Washington secured the release of Pastor Andrew Brunson in 2018. But that only happened because the Pentagon insisted unequivocally and because evangelicals pressured the White House.

Whether it’s Turkey threatening Greek islands, making illegitimate claims to energy deposits in the Mediterranean Sea, threatening to free millions of Syrian refugees in Europe, or countless other examples of bullying, Western capitals usually appease Ankara. .

Why should our (and NATO) military shed blood in a largely bogus global war on terror, especially when NATO member Turkey is adamantly supporting terrorism?

Frankly, when it comes to Turkey, Western countries behave like weaklings. Besides, they don’t even realize it.

Welcome back to the weird world.

David Boyajian’s main foreign policy objective is the Caucasus.

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