Poachers from Turkey tried to shoot owner: MO officials


The K9 investigation matched shell casings found at the scene to shells the suspect had, officers said.

Missouri Department of Conservation

Two men face charges after officials say they entered someone’s property, slaughtered a turkey and then shot the landowner.

Missouri Department of Conservation officers were called to a property in Grundy County, according to a May 27 news release.

The owner told authorities that two people entered the property and slaughtered a turkey, the statement said. The incident happened in April, but no exact date was provided.

The two fled on foot, he told officers, and one of them fired his gun in the direction of the owner.

Officers located the suspects through a K9 investigation that matched shotgun casings found to cartridges in the suspect’s possession.

Both men now face multiple charges, including:

  • illegal use of a weapon
  • hunt wildlife on private property without permission
  • take the turkey without a license
  • illegal possession of wild animals

Grundy County is approximately 105 miles northeast of Kansas City.

This story was originally published May 27, 2022 11:15 a.m.

Mariah Rush is a national real-time reporter. She graduated from the University of Notre Dame and previously worked for the Chicago Tribune, the Tampa Bay Times and the Philadelphia Inquirer.

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