Saint Lucia “in real danger” of being added to the red list


t Lucia is at risk of being added to the UK’s red list for international travel, an analyst has warned.

This would mean travelers arriving in the UK from the Caribbean island would be forced to enter a quarantine hotel.

The government is expected to update its lists of trips to traffic lights on Thursday.

Coronavirus data analyst Tim White has warned that Saint Lucia is “in real danger” of being put on the red list because “the numbers keep getting worse”.

He said 189 new daily cases of coronavirus on the island have been reported, 83% more than a week ago.

Two more deaths have been confirmed.

Mr White added that Morocco, Algeria, Nigeria and Ghana could also be on the red list.

Holidaymakers wishing to return from Morocco before a change of status goes into effect might find it difficult to find flights with available capacity, as the upcoming bank holiday weekend in August is a major time for travel.

Destinations such as Spain, France and Greece will remain on the orange list, according to several reports.

Paul Charles, managing director of travel consultancy The PC Agency, said there were “strong” reasons for Turkey to be moved from the Red List to the Orange List as it has started providing ” substantial data “to GISAID, a global database sharing numbers. on genetically sequenced coronavirus test samples.

Meanwhile, the Gatwick airport boss has called on the government to remove testing requirements for fully vaccinated travelers arriving in the UK from green and orange list locations.

All arrivals from Green List locations must pass one test before departure and one after landing.

Those traveling from an Amber country must pass the same tests, plus a second test after arrival.

Managing Director Stewart Wingate said ending testing for fully vaccinated passengers was essential to prevent Britain’s aviation industry ‘falling further behind’ countries in Europe and North America .

He explained: “If our government does this and follows the lead of other European countries, we believe pent-up demand will start to flow and passenger volumes will start to recover.

“In the UK we are at around 15-20% of our passenger volumes before the pandemic.

“France and Germany represent around 50 to 60% of passenger volumes before the pandemic.

“With this easing of travel restrictions, we should expect a very strong recovery.”

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