Turkish Fleet Supply Vessel to Operate with Unmanned Vessels

The Turkish Fleet Supply Ship (DIMDEG) is expected to operate within several missions, operating in conjunction with unmanned vessels, an official said on Tuesday.

Veteran Colonel Mustafa Civelek, who is Director General of Strategic and Unmanned Systems at the Sefine Shipyard, responsible for the development of the DIMDEG project, made the corresponding statements at the Defense Logistics and Support Summit (DLSS) which was held in the capital Ankara.

The project’s first ship, the TCG Derya, is expected to be delivered to the Turkish Naval Forces Command by September 2023.

Meanwhile, the design of the supply ship has also changed, with the ship now integrated with four turrets instead of two, and will have an additional helicopter carrying capacity of 16 tonnes. The maximum number of staff load capacity also reached 326.

Commenting on the ship’s joint operation with unmanned marine platforms, Civelek said this type of solution would ensure efficient use of time and resources.

“Another use of the operation can be illustrated by allowing a self-protection capability other than the ship-to-ship’s primary task against various threats with armed unmanned ships,” he said, “because these unmanned vessels may also escort other vessels in the sector / fleet. “

The Sefine shipyard continues to work on the family of autonomous unmanned naval vehicles, which can be equipped with different payloads such as anti-tank missiles, torpedoes, intelligence equipment, together with Turkish defense giant Aselsan.

DIMDEG will meet the fuel, water, food, oil, ammunition and other needs of surface elements. It can also be used as a command ship and training ship within the capabilities of its war operations center, task group command center, and war management system.

The ship will have the capacity to refuel three ships at the same time and to refuel helicopters by air. It has the capacity to reach a speed of 24 knots with the gas turbines of its propulsion system.

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